Retrofit Fan Coil Unit Maintenance

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So, you’ve retrofitted your aging fan coil units, what now?

You’ll want to continue with regular biannual maintenance to ensure your retrofit fan coil units are operating optimally and filters are changed regularly. This will ensure your retrofit fan coil unit functions with minimal to no issues over the course of their lifespan.

Fan Coil Unit Maintenance

This is simple. Your technician will have left a warranty card or information after remediation and installation of your retrofit fan coil unit. Follow the instructions by registering online (Unilux units) or by phone (CAFC system units) to ensure you receive the 2-year manufacturer’s warranty in the event anything happens to your retrofit fan coil unit.

Even though your fan coil units are being maintained twice a year, that doesn’t mean you can neglect the filter. Changing it seasonally ensures any and all build-up is removed from the fan coil units and not directly affecting the motor or air quality of your ventilation system.

Obstructions such as large furniture, mirrors, pictures, etc., create a barrier between the air entering your fan coil unit that’s cooled or heated, then ventilated out again for you to breathe. 

It might seem daunting to remove your access panel and clean your fan coil unit, but it’s actually really easy! Simply remove the access panel by sliding it up and off or unscrewing the screws holding it onto the wall. Then simply vacuum any dust, dirt, or debris that is present. Your new retrofit fan coil unit will be insulated using a black closed cell foam as opposed to fiberglass, you can wipe down any dirt, debris, dust, or condensation with a damp wash cloth. Then just simply slide or screw the access panel back on and you’re done!   

Like any technology there can be issues. This is no fault of the owner, nor the installer, but you will want to be proactive in the event anything happens. Address any mechanical, equipment, or air quality issue before it becomes a problem. If you’re within the first two years of installation contact the manufacturer. If past the two years, contact a trusted and reputable HVAC company to assess the issue and provide recommendations for repair.

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