Better Together

Certified Clean Air Corp. has become a factory-authorized dealer for Unilux CRFC. We offer pre-eminent service for replacing fan coils in high-rise residences. We are the top fan coil service provider for condos, apartments, hotels and more.

Certified’s Care

As a factory-authorized dealer, Certified Clean Air Corp. brings almost 20 years of experience in retrofit fan coil design, manufacturing and installation. Residents know and trust the Certified brand.

Our technicians are factory trained and uphold Unilux CRFC’s high standards for service.


Unilux’s Innovative Equipment

Unilux has over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing fan coils for high-rise buildings. Unilux’s new retrofit solution is designed to replace aging vertical stack fan coils with the latest in fan coil technology.

· Cleaner Air · More Efficient Heating and Cooling · Industry-Leading Designs

Unilux CRFC Retrofit Fan Coil Unit with Exposed Blower

Replace your aging fan coil with a proven Certified Clean Air Corp. solution.


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